Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals On Must-Have Furniture And Decor


The season of spending is officially upon us. According to a report from Mastercard SpendingPulse, retail sales are predicted to hit their highest rate and that E-commerce sales will be up 104%, compared to five years ago. Part of the reason for this increase is that it’s one of the best times of the year to save on those expensive items for the home like large appliances, mattresses, furniture, and décor. So if you’re still debating one of these purchases—don’t. Former Saks Fifth Avenue CEO and Mastercard senior advisor Steve Sadove explained to me why it’s time to take out the credit cards. “It’s the day that gets shoppers in the emotional frame of mind to search for deals and make purchases, and that continues through December. In fact, Mastercard SpendingPulse anticipates that 4 out of the 10 biggest shopping days will be in December. Black Friday weekend is an important weekend for furniture with some of the best deals of the year. I would say the same for mattresses as well.”

Here are some of the most stylish home goods on sale to kick off holidays.


PUBG Mobile update: 14 changes in PUBG that you may have missed

Image result for PUBG Mobile update: 14 changes in PUBG that you may have missed

PUBG Mobile update: 14 changes in PUBG that you may have missed

PUBG Mobile has gained a lot of traction in the past few weeks and it is doing whatever it can at its end to keep the payers engaged. With regular updates, PUBG players are getting a lot to discover each day while enjoying the game itself. Recently a major update rolled out to users across the globe that not just has new vehicles but new rifles as well as a more difficult mode and several opti[“source=forbes]misations. In case you missed it, here’s everything new:


Modern simplicity

The home's outdoor area is now an open-air living room.

It bears all the hallmarks of a Scandinavian-inspired home: white walls, modern furniture, clean lines and, of course, the essential dose of warm brown accents for some rustic cosiness.

But what also makes this refurbished three-storey terrace house in eastern Singapore – home to a couple and their three young children – a standout is how it has been so effortlessly and stylishly pulled together against a predominantly white backdrop by interior stylist Priscilla Tan of

From the modish neutral-toned furniture to the way the pieces are laid out, the different sections of the 2,700 sq ft home showcase how simplicity meets beauty.

Subtle wood tones for the furniture and flooring at the family’s resort-chic front porch extend into the living room.

The 6m-high ceiling in the living room lends the space a breezy feel, upping the hygge factor of the home.

For a discreet luxe feel, Ms Tan decked out the living room with rose gold-trimmed furniture and accessories such as a customised armchair, round coffee table and mirror.

The sleek dashes of gold are also on the lamp fixtures in the dining room and kitchen, as well as on the shelves in the entertainment room, so that these spaces do not appear too whitewashed.

Each rug and cushion was also specially picked by Ms Tan, who prides herself on being more than just an interior designer – she is also a stylist.

The original wall separating the living room from the kitchen was removed to open up the space and make way for more natural light.

Again, its design is a no-frills layout combining functionality with a minimalist aesthetic.

A small kid-friendly island top lets the children gather round it and participate in kitchen activities.

Perhaps the most adventurous palette is found in the bedrooms.

The master bedroom sports an eye-popping spectrum of blue hues, from light to teal.

For a luxe boudoir feel, the room also features heavier carpeting, artworks and ornate lighting fixtures such as a chandelier.

The kids’ bedrooms also feature splashes of bold colour – pink for the girls and a wallpaper mural for the boy.

Modern and minimalist, this house lets in plenty of natural light while earthy accents keep the interior homely and cosy.


9 Things To Buy On Black Friday That Will Save You Money

Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashPhoto by rawpixel on Unsplash

Most of us are pretty irrational when it comes to our spending habits. We don’t think twice about small daily purchases — but if a price tag crosses a certain threshold, we start to feel uncomfortable about our buying decision.

This mindset is not good for your bank account. Small purchases are usually low-value and have a very short gratification period. Larger purchases, while a bigger investment, usually pay for themselves and continue to improve our lives over time.

With all of the holiday sales starting, now is a great time to start thinking harder about the things you buy.

This Black Friday I challenge you to rate purchases in terms of value and long-term return. Avoid picking up a bunch of cheap things just because they’re a “great deal” and go for items that will improve your life and save you money next year. Here are nine examples of purchases that check both boxes and are even better buys on Black Friday.

1) Restaurant Gift Cards

You probably don’t have every weekend planned out for 2019 but one thing I can guarantee you’ll do is eat at your favorite restaurant.

On Black Friday, many restaurants offer a bonus gift card when you purchase a certain denomination (you’ll see deals like buy a $100 gift card and get an extra $20). This is a great way to lower your food spend in 2019 without changing your eating habits. Just check the fine print as some “bonus” gift cards will need to be spent by a certain date.


2) Fitness Equipment with Live Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape. But they can get expensive. A spin class costs $20 on average, and that price can be even higher at some studios. Attending class three times per week means you’re likely spending at least $250 per month or $3,000 per year on spin class.

If attending classes in person isn’t a priority for you, then purchasing an at-home solution can help you meet both your fitness and financial goals.

Fitness equipment with live classes, like a Peloton bike, are often viewed as fancy and expensive but when you break down the costs, they are usually much cheaper. Peloton’s 0% financing options currently allow you to pay $58 per month for their equipment and $39 per month for their membership. That means your all-in cost is about $100 per month — or less than half of what you’d pay at a studio.

3) Blender

That post-workout smoothie from the shop next to your gym might be great for your health but it’s destroying your food budget. Splurge on a fancy blender instead and make your own at home to seriously cut costs.

Even a top of the line blender like a Vitamix (starting at $289.95) will pay for itself in a few months if a smoothie stop is part of your regular routine. As a bonus, owning this new appliance may also inspire you to make your own almond milk or soups and further reduce your food spend in 2019.

4) Cooking Equipment and Meal Kits

Millennials are known for our love of dining out but while fast casual restaurants and delivery services are extremely convenient, they’re often not great for our health or wallets.

Learning how to cook a few of your favorite dishes well can save you tons of money and calories. Plus it’s a pretty useful life skill to have.

A great way to get started on your cooking journey is to opt into a meal-kit delivery service like Sunbasket or Blue Apron, both of which are currently offering $60 off. Their easy-to-follow recipes and home delivery make cooking a breeze for even the most novice of chefs. And if you need basic cooking equipment to get started, there are countless Black Friday deals you can take advantage of.

5) Wardrobe Staples

The avalanche of promotional Black Friday emails from retailers have already started. Most people open those emails, spot a few things they like, and make an impulse purchase. When the item arrives, they maybe wear it once or twice and then forget about it because it wasn’t practical or something that they even really wanted.

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. (Repeat that three times.) Instead, take advantage of low prices by buying high quality wardrobe staples that will constantly be in rotation and can handle the wear.

An easy way to determine if an item is worth buying is its cost per use. Divide the cost by the number of times you think you’ll wear the outfit in a year.

6) Coffee or Espresso Machine

If you love your morning Starbucks run, this is not for you. But if you get annoyed every time you see a $5 latte listed on your credit card statement, then investing in a top quality coffee or espresso machine can save you a ton of money.

You can replicate exactly what the barista is doing at your favorite coffee shop, but for a fraction of the cost. And since you control the inputs, you can even get your daily brew to the point where it tastes exactly how you want it to.

7) Sports Equipment

Repeatedly renting sports equipment like a paddleboard or ice skates can get expensive. If there’s a hobby you enjoy that involves equipment rental, tally up how much you’ve spent on your rentals this year. Chances are that if you rent often, it may be cheaper to buy. And owning may incentivize you to indulge in your hobby even more than you already do which should make you happier.

8) Annual Park Passes

Paying an admission fee every time you want to visit one of your favorite places can add up. Getting a discounted annual pass to your local national park or theme park means you’ll always have a fun place to go and your cost per visit will go down


This festive season, spruce up your home with right decor

 Spruce up your home with right decor

Diwali preparations have kick-started in full swing. This is the time when we pay our most of the attention to the house decor. Most importantly, if you are planning to play host to Diwali parties this year, then add glamour and festive vibes to your little cosy abode with these tips.

* A splash of colour: While loud colours make a traditional impact, pastel shades or ice-cream colours as they are also known, are trending festive tones this year. Choose your preferred palate in advance so that you can choose the right accessories to match. Break the pastels shades with strong hues like navy, olive, fuchsia, saffron or crimson to bring your space to life.

* The Diwali supper: Table setting is a must if you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your guests. Add a simple floral arrangement on the centre of your dining table and take a few moments to set the right cutlery. Floating candles into glass bowls filled with water make for a unique table centrepiece.

* Statement furniture: Get your living room into the right mood for endless hours of conversation and fun happy moments shared between your loved ones. Rearrange a few furniture pieces, add a few poufs, a coffee table and playful rug to add a little festive delight. Knitted throw pillows add a fun texturized element to your couches while aroma diffusers with a scent of sandalwood can add an aura of vibrant calm.

If you are investing in a new sofa set, go in for something that is multi-functional giving you the freedom of living, dynamic and can be easily placed in a variety of formats bringing a cosy touch to your living room ecosystem.

* Debonair decor: This festive season reminisce the golden era with vintage themed décor that will leave your guests enthralled. Start off by opting for carefully crafted antique gramophones and oversized model telephones influenced by ethnic art. Uplift this look further with Rajasthani Jharokas as well as silken upholstery woven together in fine threads of gold and voila.

* Spiffy luminance: Lights are a festive essential that enrich the fervour further. For a modish theme in the living room, pendant lighting is an ideal fitment whereas in the bedroom, one can add vibrant table lamps in perky hues to give the space a tinge of chic. Illuminate the nooks and corners of your home with floral scented candles and add intricately carved metallic diyas.


Northside Cellar offering furniture, home décor, local art

New and gently used clothing, as well as furniture, home décor and local art, are available at Northside Cellar, located at 106 N. Main St.

According to owners Jodie Oates and Wendy Geonis, the five-month-old retail and consignment shop started with an effort to reduce the contents of their closets and quickly expanded into a shop.

Oates added the store carries a wide variety of garments, goods and art.

“Northside Cellar offers artistic style for you and your home,” said Oates.

Oates said the clothing items include contemporary women’s fashions, with plenty of holiday wear, and items ranging from gowns to vintage furs, as well as casual wear. Also available are accessories such as shoes, both contemporary and vintage handbags and jewelry. The clothing is both from consignment and items hand-selected from visits to national markets, Oates added.

“We have something for women of all ages, from college age to seniors,” she added. “Shoppers are guaranteed to find something to fit every decade of their lives, whether they are an urban millennial or an octogenarian.”

Oates said Northside Cellar is currently offering a large selection of clothing items on sale for 40 percent off.

The shop also has unique curated art created by local artists. Oates said this selection includes oils, photography, framed prints, original paper collages by Helen Wilson, Linda Radek sculptures, handmade greeting cards, A Vintage Bee hand-poured candles and more. She added the store is one of only a few in the area that carries Tokyo Milk candles and perfumes.

“We have a great selection of gift ideas for the holidays,” said Oates.

Northside Cellar also has rugs, coffee tables, sofa and love seats, end tables, chairs and other pieces.

“We are hoping to open a lower level with more furniture and art, as well as books, in December,” said Oates.

Through November, the store is presenting a 50/50 raffle. Visitors can make a donation to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. The proceeds will be split evenly between the winner and the agency. The winning ticket will be drawn Dec. 1.

Also, on Dec. 8 from 5 to 9 p.m., the store will present a Holiday Hop, with raffles, prizes, refreshments and more.


Turn dated furniture into dazzling decor on a dime

Do you love watching HGTV? Do you enjoy browsing through catalogs from West Elm or Pottery Barn?

It is fun to dream about redecorating your home, but furniture shopping can be expensive. You can easily drop thousands redoing a room, but you don’t have to break the bank. You just need to be open-minded and willing to put in a little work like James Judge!

The realtor, designer and home flipper finds cheap pieces with potential at Goodwill and other Valley thrift stores and then works his magic!

Over the last few years, he’s revamped hundreds of dated and worn furniture items into chic couches, chairs and coffee tables.

How does he do it? We went on a shopping adventure with Judge to find out, starting at the Goodwill near 16th Street and Indian School Road.

“This happens to be my favorite store, because I feel like it brings in a big collection of items from all over the Valley in one central location,” Judge said.

Watching Judge shop for furniture is like watching a kid go to Disneyland!

“It’s all about treasure hunting for me, and really trying to find these special pieces that someone else has discarded that I can find and reclaim and bring life back into,” he said.

Right away, Judge spots a treasure!

“I really like this nightstand for $17.99. You can’t beat that price point,” Judge said.

Judge likes the lines on the pieces and the wood drawers.

“My goal with this piece is to transform it. I would paint the lament part just because it’s not something that can be sanded. I would stain the drawers that way you have a two-tone piece and add some hardware,” Judge said.

Judge does several laps when he shops because he can miss things the first time around. As we make laps, he finds another treasure.

“This coffee table is a great find for $12.99. It has a medal base and glass top. You know it’s dirty and has some scratches on it, but being that this is medal it could actually be used outdoors,” Judge said.

Judge says it won’t take much to bring it back to life!

“The glass is in great condition so some Windex, a can of spray paint, and suddenly for $12.99 plus a can of spray paint, you have a perfect coffee table, perfect for outdoors or indoors,” Judge said.

Judge quickly found two pieces with a lot of potential and a cheap price tag, but he’s still looking for a couch.

We now head to the Goodwill near 32nd Street and Thomas Road to find a sofa and right away, he spots something that could work even though it’s pretty dirty.

“Well the dog hair is really appealing, but beyond that, it has interesting lines and I actually believe these two pieces go together, this is actually a chase that connects into that sofa,” Judge said while examining the two pieces.

He buys both items. Each have a price tag of just $7.99. That’s less than $16 for the couch!

“This is a DIY sofa and by the time it’s done, it will be looking like something from West Elm,” Judge said.

The shopping is complete! James bought three pieces for less than $50. How did he restoration the furniture? Here’s what he did with each piece:


UK Stylish Hospitality Furniture Soft and Plush Conference Accessories Announced

Burgess Furniture The team at Burgess Furniture is known for its blend of quality and style.

( — November 14, 2018) — Burgess Furniture, the Middlesex based hospitality furniture supplier, has announced that it can provide customers throughout the UK with premium and innovative furniture at great prices. The team at Burgess is known for its great furniture design and exceptional functionality.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Burgess Furniture knows the industry well and has been helping customers over the last 50 years to find the best deal. They have worked with top hotel chains to provide them with great furniture solutions, and have developed a reputation for trust, reliability, and quality styles.

Burgess Furniture tests at a higher standard than most on the marketplace, and quality is guaranteed when anyone buys from the specialist team at Burgess. There is a wide range of items and styles available through the Burgess site, and customers can buy safe in the knowledge that they’re buying premium quality.

One of the things that defines Burgess Furniture and separates the company from others in the field is that the team prides themselves on offering the hospitality industry furniture that couples great design and the best in functionality.

Among the products on offer, customers can find soft seating options for hotels, B&Bs, and other hospitality customers. They can also get chairs, tables and accessories for rooms throughout their property.

Items are broken down by range, with a bedroom range available, a meeting range, conference range, events and dining range, food and beverage equipment, and casual seating.

This means that hospitality professionals can browse through the available furniture more easily and quickly track down the type of items they would like for their business.

One of the most popular categories is the bedroom range, which features Vario chairs, Junea Rockers, Tabou and Dishy tables, and luxury soft seating options.

The company states, “We offer a wide range of furniture from tables to chairs and accessories making different spaces more functional and on trend meeting spaces and boardrooms, conference spaces, events and dining, bedroom, casual spaces and more.”

Full details can be found on the URL above.


Ajith to Vijay: Chennai Super Kings star Harbhajan Singh puts up important tweet in Kollywood style

Ajith, Harbajan, Vijay

Actor Aith, CSK star Harbhajan Singh and actor Vijay (Photo | YouTube Screengrab and EPS)

By Online Desk

On Thursday it was revealed that IPL defending champs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has retained star cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

The veteran Indian cricketer took to Twitter and shared his excitement on being retained by one of the most successful teams in IPL history.

Harbhajan Singh put up a tweet in Tamil, announcing his continuity with the ‘Men in Yellow’. What made the fans go gaga over his tweet was the fact that it consisted of some memorable punch dialogues and song lyrics rendered by popular actors like Ajith and Vijay on the big screen.


Samsung Submits Patent for Infinity-O Style Displays, Galaxy S10 Might Sport Punch Style Hole Cut-out

Samsung’s next flagship offering, the Samsung Galaxy S10 which will likely release sometime in the first quarter of next year is going to be a big step up from the previous phone. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 was a progressive update from a device earlier, many are expecting a breakthrough in terms of design when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S10. We have already seen a lot of renders, rumours, leaks and speculations about the Galaxy S10 and the stream doesn’t seem to be stopping. At the recently held Developers Conference, Samsung showed off its different notch implementations which are the Infinity-U, Infinity-V and Infinity-O displays, with the cut-outs being of the same shape as the respective letters. Also, a patent application image of a new Infinity-O display has surfaced which points towards the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Likely to Come with Infinity-O Display

These new patent images have been spotted courtesy of the Dutch site LetsGoDigital, which gives us a full-fledged illustration of how the Infinity-O display might look like. The Infinity-O display, as demonstrated by the new pictures will feature punch-hole style cut-out for the front-facing camera. Now we already know that Samsung is one of the rare manufacturers in the market, which has strictly decided not to implement the notch in its phone and is relying on its Infinity displays to achieve more permanent, bezel-less and edge-to-edge solution for its screens. These new patents seem to be a step ahead in this regard.

The submission comes with a lot of similar illustrations which are experimental cutouts for the Samsung Galaxy S10 hinting towards how the phone might look like. However, it’s clear that Samsung is putting a lot of emphasis on the Infinity-O display rather than anything else. The Infinity-O display which has been depicted in the pictures comes with a punch-style hole cut-out on the upper left-hand side of the device. Further, there are two designs implemented for the form factor, one with more rounded edges and the other one with slightly rounded corners. Additionally, there are also different layouts submitted with curved, square and flat displays.

Samsung to Possibly Set New Benchmark for Design

As per the report from the Dutch page, these patent applications were made to the Hague International Design System (specialising in industrial design patents), managed by the World International Property Organisation (WIPO). The images have also been uploaded to Hague’s bulletin page.

With that being said, we are now sure of one thing, although Samsung might have brought little progressive updates on to its Samsung Galaxy S9, the next flagship phone by Samsung is probably going to be a big step up concerning design and display. Also, it’s entirely possible that with such a new display design and finally a replacement for the notoriously popular notch, Samsung might kick-start a new trend for smartphone designs.