As good as ‘Pure Gold’: Pure Gold Nutrition owner seeing high volume of health-driven customers

Jodana Albers is a blur as she pours powders and liquids together before blending, icing and sealing a remarkably healthy fast food before your eyes.

Albers was familiar with the health benefits of nutritious drinks back in her days as a Wadena-Deer Creek high schooler and is doing her best these days to let people know that healthy food doesn’t have to be slow or burdensome. And it can be found right here in Wadena.

She recalls making regular trips to a nutrition club in Wadena before it closed about five years ago. Pure Gold Nutrition was opened in 2017 by Holly Middendorf and in June 2018, Albers took over the helm, bent on making you healthier. Her entrepreneurial spirit stems from her parents Garth and Peggy Albers, who run their own business, Albers Realty in Wadena.

“This has definitely been my best personal business as far as personal coaching,” Albers said.

Jodana can attest to the weight loss potential of her products, which are powered by Herbalife Nutrition supplements. She recently lost 27 pounds using the product. Weight loss may not be the first thing you think of looking over the selection of 30-plus shakes. They include such words as donuts, cookies, cheesecake, muffin, pie—all synonymous with growing out love handles. Cake batter is probably the most popular, Albers said.

Instead of fat gain, the shakes give the flavor you like in a well-balanced, low calorie meal-in-a-glass. But Albers notes that these shakes are not just for weight loss. With the right adjustments these supplements can be used to gain muscle mass, too. All drinks are less than 250 calories and include 24 grams of protein.

“We also offer personalized coaching whether for gaining muscle, lose weight or gaining energy,” Albers said.

As an independent Herbalife distributor she coaches people on what their food should look like in a day and help them set goals.

If you’ve never heard of this wellness center it’s likely because Albers is following Herbalife rules, which don’t allow her to advertise her product or store; she cannot publically announce costs of the product and; there can be no window shopping. The rules state that people cannot be able to look into the business, which is why you’ll notice shades drawn all the time. There’s nothing shady going on and the place is not closed down, it just has to be that way for her to follow the business model of Herbalife.

Anyone is welcome to come in, test out some product and buy a variety of healthy shakes or teas to take out the door, she’s just very restricted about how she can promote her business. One thing she can do is deliver tea samples to area businesses or invite people in. But walk-ins are always welcome, too.

While it would seem like a tough way to do business, Albers is pleased with her business growth.

“We’re growing like crazy,” Albers said.

Bubble Tea Fridays are a huge draw for the business, with 152 customers dropping in on a recent Friday to get their bubble fix. What makes it a Bubble Tea are these little Gusher-like balls dropped into the tea.

“Over the last six Fridays, we’ve consistently been breaking our record from the last Friday,” Albers said.

Indeed, word spreads fast. A steady flow of customers came in on a recent visit to the business, most regulars, knowing exactly what they wanted. Upon hearing the request, Albers jumps into action measuring out just what the client needs to have a full meal in hand, likely within a minute.

Pure Gold Nutrition is open 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with occasional Saturday hours.

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