Cops planted Subodh Singh’s mobile at our home: Bulandshahr suspect Prashant Natt’s wife

Cops planted Subodh Singh's mobile at our home: Bulandshahr suspect Prashant Natt's wife

The wife of Prashant Nutt, the prime suspect in the killing of the Bulandshahr cop, on Monday alleged that the police planted the slain Inspector Subodh Kumar’s phone in their home.

“Police came to us saying they have a search warrant. They asked which room belonged to Prashant. Two cops went in and kept a phone on the dressing table there,” she said.

She also said, “When we said it wasn’t ours, they told us to shut up. Police had brought the phone along with themselves.”

It comes after the Uttar Pradesh Police on Sunday said that they had recovered Subodh Kumar Singh’s mobile phone from Prashant Nutt’s house.

On December 3, a mob of some 400 people, including right-wing activists, rampaged through the Chingrawathi village, apparently after cow carcasses were found strewn in a jungle nearby.

The incident led to the deaths of the inspector Subodh Kumar Singh and 22-year-old undergraduate student Sumit Kumar.

Prashant Nutt allegedly shot the cop dead on December 3. The postmortem report had found a bullet stuck inside Subodh Kumar Singh’s skull and also six marks of injuries inflicted by stones.

While police sources said that Prashant Nutt had confessed to having shot at Subodh Kumar Singh, a day after his arrest, Nutt told India Today TV outside a court that he never pulled the trigger.