Fact Check: Viral money shower video has no link to PM Modi’s election victory celebration

The man throwing the cash up in the air wearing a black T-shirt and pant does not look like an Indian.

A video doing the rounds on social media shows what claims to be diamond merchants from Gujarat and Mumbai celebrating Modi’s victory by throwing dollar bills on 47th Street in Manhattan, New York.

AFWA (India Today Anti Fake News War Room) found this was an incorrect claim. The viral video has no relation to Narendra Modi’s recent victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha Election.

The video was produced by American music artist Joe Kush and posted a week before the election results were declared.

Several Facebook pages including “Shivam Perinkulam” shared the video with the caption, “Happened today on 47 street Manhattan ( Diamond Market) New York $100,000 given away. Most of the diamond trade is controlled by our fellow countrymen from Gujarat and Bombay. To celebrate Modi’s win!”

The minute long video shows people frantically collecting money on the street while a man throws them up in air.

Apart from Facebook, this video with the same claim has been shared by several users on YouTube, Twitter and on personal messenger apps like WhatsApp.

The viral video has some telling discrepancies. The man throwing the cash up in the air wearing a black T-shirt and pant does not look like an Indian.

After doing a search with key words like “Money shower” we found a similar video on YouTube published by user “SEVEN50” on May 15, 2019. The caption of the video says “Money Shower – The God Joe Kush throwing real $5 Bills on 47th street in the diamonds district in NY”.

“The God Joe Kush” is an American rapper, music producer and video engineer posted this incident of money shower on his Instagram ( )page on May 16, 2019. This video was shot from a different angle.

The same video was posted by the artist on his Facebook page on May 16.

Joe Kush posted many other money shower videos on his YouTube channel “The Real Joe Kush”.

The claim made about the video was clearly wrong since it was posted on May 15 and the Lok Sabha Election results only came out on May 23.