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From minimalist Aries to luxurious Leos interior design experts reveal how to decorate your home according to your star sign

INTERIOR design experts have shared their tips on how to style and furnish your home according to your star sign.

Whether you like bold colours or a white and minimalist scheme, it turns out your tastes are more influenced by your star sign than you think.

 If you prefer neutral shades over bold, it could be due to your star sign

If you prefer neutral shades over bold, it could be due to your star signCredit: Alamy

UK-based firm, The French Bedroom Company, have revealed what furniture, colours and fabrics you should use to decorate your home.

Writing in a blog post, they said: “By using your star sign to help make interior design decisions, you can create a warm and welcoming space that truly reflects your inner character.

“From your must-haves to your must-avoids in terms of colour, style and accessories, we’ve covered all you need to know about injecting a little personal style based on your star sign, into your home.”

From a well-travelled Sagittarius who loves to display their souvenirs to neutral-loving Virgos, the experts have shared their tips on how to create a home which perfectly matches your personality.


 Aries love to have an inspirational quote on display in their homes

Aries love to have an inspirational quote on display in their homesCredit:

Aries love a minimalist look, but they like to fill their home with bright shades.

They avoid “dull colours” and gravitate towards oranges and blues, which work well against their streamlined backdrop.

The experts said: “A style conscious Aries is a firm believer in keeping their home a blank canvas – sticking to clean colours and avoiding permanent fixtures.

“This allows them to express the latest must-haves in the form of artwork or accessories and then change them up for the next on-trend innovation without any hassle.”


 Don't be surprised if you find a velvet sofa in a Taurus' house

Don’t be surprised if you find a velvet sofa in a Taurus’ houseCredit:

Taurus’ are decadent, and their expensive taste sees them lean towards high-end furniture including chandeliers and mirrors.

They prefer a certain colour palette, which usually made up of creams, soft pink, copper and gold.

And it’s not just colours which are rich, as they love luxurious fabrics such as silks, velvet and cashmere.

The experts said: “Every element of their interior focuses on achieving the ‘wow’ factor they crave. This stubborn sign won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

“Quality is everything and even the smallest detail has to be flawless.”


 Geminis need to be careful not to turn into hoarders

Geminis need to be careful not to turn into hoardersCredit:

Geminis love a splash of colour, and aren’t afraid of some bright accessories.

But not everything needs to be modern, and they love vintage pieces and will often have kitsch collections.

The experts say: “Eclectic and vibrant, old and new, a Gemini’s home is full of prints, trinkets and wall hangings, which all inject the bold, bright colours of the rainbow.

“Ruled by Mercury, the planet of technology, a Gemini must have the latest gadgets too.”


 Take note of the cutlery inside a Canerian's home

Take note of the cutlery inside a Canerian’s homeCredit:

Cancers’ are thrifty and will open shop locally, sometimes at flea markets and charity shops.

They like a neutral colour palette, mainly of blues, light pinks and silvers, and pay attentions to detail.

The experts say: “This star sign is drawn towards quaint and cosy interior styles made up of one-of-a-kind, mis-match finds.

“Cancers have a great eye for spotting rare and well desired reworked designs and antiques.

“When you step foot inside a Cancerian home, don’t be surprised to see photos of all of their loved ones too.”


 Leo's want their home to show off their indulgence

Leo’s want their home to show off their indulgenceCredit:

Just like their namesake animal, Leo’s are fierce and want their home to reflect their “loud and regal” personality.

That translates into oversized cushions, rich fabrics, luxurious bedspreads and bold curtains.

The experts say: “Expensive textiles and deep colours, and of course gold highlights wherever possible showcase this sign’s flashy but classy taste.

“There is nothing minimal or simplistic about a Leo’s life or their interiors.”


 You won't find any trinkets on display in a Virgo's home

You won’t find any trinkets on display in a Virgo’s homeCredit:

Virgo’s hate mess and clutter, instead preferring simplicity and consistency.

They like earthy tones such as peach, light blue and olive green, and aim to have a running theme throughout their entire home.

The experts say: “A Virgo’s design style is one of minimalism qualities, avoiding mis-matched or thrifted furniture which, to them, represent mess.

“Wooden or tiled flooring throughout also mean their home can always be cleaned quickly, avoiding the antagonising idea of a cream carpet turning mocha.”


 You won't find any modern prints inside a Libra's house

You won’t find any modern prints inside a Libra’s houseCredit:

Libra’s are another extravagant sign, taking their interior inspiration from art, music and beautiful architecture.

But they avoid anything which can look too tacky, and opt for a colour scheme of champagne pink, lilac and light grey.

The experts say: “Although they love luxury detailing and fabrics, a Libra desires a home that’s a balance of elegance and tranquillity.

“To achieve this, unorthodox pairings such as chandelier lamps on up-cycled tables or fresh flowers in antique vases, are a common find.

“A Libra doesn’t want their space to be too over the top.”


 Green and gold is a hit with a Scorpio

Green and gold is a hit with a ScorpioCredit:

Scorpios like lavish interiors, and prefer timeless classics over fleeting trends.

They’re inspired by gothic and industrial architecture, and love furniture which has some history.

The experts say: “Dark colours such as emerald green and plum purple, and mixed textures including fur, silk and wood are much-loved, while a jungle of house plants are frequently found in Scorpio homes.

“This sign need to be submerged in nature – artificial plants or plastic furnishings are simply not good enough.”


 As they like to have everything on display it can be hard to pin down their style

As they like to have everything on display it can be hard to pin down their styleCredit:

A Sagittarius is well-travelled, and will often have souvenirs and mementos from their trips on the wall.

They adore maps so will likely have one on display, with their home a shrine to the planet.

The experts say: “With clear bohemian influences however, a Sagittarius will gravitate towards natural materials and subdued colours.

“Mis-match jewelled tones, exotic patterns and prints and upcycled, hand-crafted furniture that’s been collected over time will be found in and around their home.”


 A Capricorn's house is fulled with classic pieces

A Capricorn’s house is fulled with classic piecesCredit:

Capricorns love elegance, and want their home to reflect that with beautiful pieces of furniture and quality furnishings.

The experts say: “With a timeless sense of style, Capricorns are big on traditional, comfortable home decor.

“Those with a Capricorn sign are attracted to furniture that has a stately feel – think large armoires, leather sofas, or cabinets full of crystal or fine china.

“Their style is not trend driven; they know what they like and it needs to be practical, economical and reliable.”


 Aquarians love a bit of organised chaos

Aquarians love a bit of organised chaosCredit:

Aquarians have an unconventional style, which includes “hand painted details, DIY fixtures and ridiculous patterns”.

They like to be alone, and as such their home is more of a haven where they can escape.

The expert says: “As the water–bearer sign, the Aquarius sign loves vibrant hues and colours of the ocean, like blue, green, violet and indigo.

“Their homes incorporate all elements of life too; often filled with vases and soothing Zen fountains.

“As an air sign, roomy space with lots of ventilation is dreamed of by an Aquarius too.”


 Expect to find a neutral palette in a Pisces' home

Expect to find a neutral palette in a Pisces’ homeCredit:

Pisces love a calm and relaxed home, and prefer simplicity over clutter.

The soothing nature of their house is designed to counteract their wild imaginations and passions.

The experts say: “As an artistic sign with a fine aesthetic eye, a Pisces’ home is a sanctuary of aromas, crystals and comfort – expect to find plants, salt lamps and furnishings with spiritual ties.

“Muted and earthy shades and subtle pink and peach tones are preferred over loud colours, while bold patterns and garish prints are avoided at all costs.”