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Aakriti Kumar

Aakriti Kumar, 28
Founder, Differniture Spaces, Delhi

Aakriti Kumar focuses on creating sculptural, functional and sustainable furniture using discarded (or reclaimed) wood. “I use wood that has served it propose, be in the form of shipping containers, old floorboards and wooden structures of homes, or trees that have fallen in storms. These are then topped with a non toxic coat of oil or wax that enhances the natural grain of the wood,” says Kumar. She specialises in various types of furniture ranging from accent pieces, coffee tables, wooden upholstery sofas and chairs, to bars, outdoor benches, lighting, kids furniture and designs for the bedroom.

NEW RANGE “The children’s furniture is a new range, which looks at the same idea of creating toxic free furniture in the form of desks, chairs, side tables, toy storage chests and beds,” says Kumar, adding, “Taking geometry into consideration, the children’s range fuses hexagons and primary shapes in the designs.” PRICE Rs 15,000 onwards (kid’s range).