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Ireland rolls out new digital design platform

Kathy Ireland The Perfect Room

LOS ANGELES – Designer Kathryn Ireland is launching her own digital design platform, called The Perfect Room, that features the hand-picked stylings of five different interior designers.

Using answers given during a personal style quiz that helps the platform determine users’ aesthetic, The Perfect Room presents designer-curated collections of home furnishings and accessories in three price tiers. After learning about their style and viewing the collections, users can make their selections on The Perfect Room, with special access to trade furnishings and accessories and specialty bundled add-ons, and then have everything delivered to their home in one shipment.

“Our goal is to highlight great design, making a luxurious and comfortable home more accessible than ever,” said Ireland. “You select the designer-approved space, and we bundle the full room in package form and deliver everything at once within eight to 10 weeks.”

The collections, put together by designers Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Bunny Williams, Rachel Ashwell, Jeffrey Bilhuber and Jeffrey Alan Marks, include collections like Cooking in Color, inspired by Latin American and Moroccan styles, and The Quiet Outdoors, an outdoor space which features vintage furnishings and printed pillows in a relaxed style.

In addition to providing curated collections on the platform, Ireland said The Perfect Room will also offer concierge services to users to help with things like navigating the logistics of delivery and installation.

“I understand the service side; the ‘high touch’ needs of a client are important to the relationship and integral to the success of the project,” Ireland said. “For this reason, I felt it imperative to have an in-house concierge department comprised of designers and field experts. The Perfect Room is a true one-stop shop, without the headache of the traditional interior design process for those with little time to spare who still want a luxurious home with a designer stamp of approval.”

Looking into the future, Ireland said she plans to expand The Perfect Room with 360-degree shopping and virtual and augmented reality features that can be unlocked with membership.